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Equity release plans give you the opportunity to release tax-free cash from your home without the need to move from your home. The two main types of equity release plans available are home reversion plans and lifetime mortgages. Both types of equity release plan allow you to:

  • release equity from your home safely
  • you choose what to do with the cash
  • there are no monthly repayments
  • most importantly stay in your home for life

Equity Release Schemes UK

The Equity Release Bureau is a leading firm of independent financial advisers specialising in equity release schemes.

Our ultimate aim is to assist our customers to safely release equity from their homes with an equity release plan.

Many of them took the opportunity to:

  • improve home/garden
  • buy a new car/caravan
  • take regular short breaks and holidays
  • treat friends and family
  • improve or maintain their retirement lifestyle
  • reduce the value of their estate to mitigate inheritance tax

You can find out how much you might be able to release by using our equity release calculator.

How do I find the most suitable equity release plan

There are many providers of equity release plans and currently there is a choice of over 40 different schemes, using the wrong scheme could cost your estate literally thousands of pounds unnecessarily.

Like any other financial decision you should obtain professional advice before you make your choice.

That's where we can assist in a knowledgeable and unbiased manner. We scrutinize the whole equity release market on your behalf and offer independent financial advice about equity release that's suitable for your individual circumstances. We will inform you in terms that you understand about all the details of the different types of equity release plans available to find the most appropriate plan for your needs.

Should you be considering taking out an equity release plan, there are important points to consider which you should read through carefully.

This website relates to lifetime mortgages and Home Reversion Plans. To understand the features and risks associated with these products, ask for a personalised illustration.

There are four variations of home equity release plan available currently:

Each one of these four plans may help you improve your financial position in retirement safely releasing equity from your home to spend entirely as you choose. The Equity Release Bureau can provide independent advice on all equity release plans, these specifically come with a set of SHIP guarantees to ensure your safety:

  • No requirement for monthly repayments whilst you are alive
  • No need to move house
  • Alternatively you may move house if you choose (subject to provider criteria)
  • A no negative equity guarantee so the amount owed will never exceed the value of your home

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